Gestamp Biomass,
Turning Biomass into Energy

Gestamp Biomass develops, builds and operates its own plants worldwide as well as supplying the necessary fuel to biomass power plants.

At Gestamp Biomass, we strive to grow as a strong and responsible company. As an organization dedicated to fulfilling client goals and expectations, we are always at the forefront with cutting-edge technology and highest quality standards, whilst staying committed to the environment, society and sustainable growth.

  • Mission
    & Vision

    Gestamp Biomass belongs to a division dedicated to the development, promotion, construction and operation of Electric Generation Power Plants from Biomass. As part of the strategy of vertical integration, Gestamp Biomass is also present in the entire value chain of the biomass through different companies..

    Our goal for the following few years is to become a world leader in the industry, supported by the industrial structure of ACEK to which we belong, as by the expert professionals that make up our team. ..

    Gestamp Biomass works towards consolidating sustainable projects that are financially and socially viable and environmentally stable by using the latest technologies.

  • Facts
    & Figures

    The company, currently, manages the operation and maintenance of facilities for electricity production of approximately 92 MW. Directly it produces 100,000 tn/year of Woodchips certificates and 25,000 tn/year of pellets.

  • Team
    & Directory

    We rely on a workforce of highly skilled professionals throughout Spain, the United States and Portugal.

Aiming towards a sustainable future

We aim to become the leading multinational company in the biomass energy sector by maintaining a careful balance between competitiveness, efficiency, security and respect towards the environment”.